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For almost two decades, Miranda Galleries has pioneered and set the pace for outstanding contemporary art in Southern California.  Miranda Galleries offers original works of art on canvas and paper, as well as original graphics, monotypes and sculpture.  Providing an outstanding and unique collection of contemporary work that includes some of the most powerfully vivid abstract and representational art from all over the world, the galleries have become a haven for true collectors looking for unique art.


Miranda Galleries’ long-term success comes from a strong philosophy of dedication, quality and service.  With an excellent staff, the owners Bob and Shawn Miranda have a well-known reputation for having a “good eye” and “creative vision” in selecting and marketing well-known artists, as well as introducing talented new artists into the marketplace and their galleries. Promoting their artists with passion and enthusiasm comes naturally to this energetic couple.  Over the years, Miranda Galleries has been responsible for introducing, creating and nurturing several artists who, because of Miranda’s efforts and artistic guidance, have gone on to become successful well known international artists.  Shawn Miranda, who curates the gallery and selects and works with the artists and often artistically guides them, is often asked by collectors, publishers and artists how she is able to select an unknown artist who often invariably after a strong presence in their gallery goes on to be sought after by well known international publishers.


 “Over the years, I have been affected and have affected artists lives and perhaps feel a responsibility to help others be the best they can be!  I also feel that same responsibility of growth, purpose, passion and love for what I do in my own life as well.  Inspiring others comes from a deep commitment and belief that art is essential and nurturing to mankind.  Art is nourished by society and society in turn is nourished by art, grows with it and comes to life.”


“In seeking out artists, I select artists whom I feel are talented, have depth and understanding and excellent technical skills and academia and then when I view the work, it must evoke an emotion.



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