Andre Desjardins

André Desjardins was born in Hauterive, Quebec, Canada, on the North Shore of the St-Laurent River on March 2, 1964. Desjardins holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design from the University of Quebec in Montreal. Owning a successful marketing firm with eighty-five employees created a void that painting was destined to fill, for painting affords true freedom to express and its content or subject matter is not dictated by others. The experience of having created hundreds of art designs for plays and movies and thousands of CD covers has provided a firm foundation for the evolution of André’s work and has helped to motivate him to get out of the frame. Today André devotes his time, energy, and passion to painting, to translating emotions into images of timeless beauty and humanity as the founder of "Visual Emotionism."

Notable museums and permanent collections in which Desjardins’ artwork may be found:

- Bibliotheque et Archives National du Quebec (National Library and Archives of Quebec)
- Loto-Quebec (three works are a part of this public gaming corporation’s permanent fine art collection, one of the most prestigious art collections in Canada)
- Sirius Canada (a Canadian partnership comprised of Standard Broadcasting, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, and Sirius Satellite Radio)
- The Royal Victoria Hospital
- Zoo Films
- Warner Brothers and the National Business Center
- The MOCA Museum of Arkansas
- The Orange County Museum of Art
- The Museum of the Americas
- The Andrews Art Museum
- The Latino Art Museum

Grand Prize - Lux 1998
Grand Winner - Grenier d’Or 2000
Grand Prize Winner - Graphica 2000
Grand Prize Winner - Graphica 2001
Recipient of three First Prize Awards from TDC, an international organization supporting all contemporary areas of design.


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