Artisan Glass

Artisan Glass by MIK is an association of artists that work in glass as their artistic vocation. From intricate vases, decorative platters, and adorable paperweights, they produce a never ending variety of astonishing art glass that is always refreshing.

Based in Poland, the professionalism of the artisanís hand crafted pieces harkens the old traditions of fine European glass making, and at surprising prices in todayís economy. Unlike artists that look for a personal following, this group eschews such recognition believing the whole of their organization is stronger than its parts, how ever good they may be. This collective mentality is more collaborative and conducive to new and imaginative work that benefits everybody in the process.

Join us in admiring the Artisanís latest collection. These one-of-a-kind creations are sure to please the most discerning aficionados and collectors of glass art.


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