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Producing a beautiful variety of artwork, this association is a group of artists who work together on design solutions, in addition to their passion for creating unique art pieces. This flexibility extends to custom designing for any space, a piece that fits you personally from the groupís large portfolio of art, which may be on traditional canvas, glass, composite, wood, or an exciting metallic design.

A word about the talented artists:

Their experience is rich, from the young artist born in South Carolina who fondly remembers in his youth his experiences in coastal Hilton Head, the ever present and changing sea that seemed to surround him, and reaching out later to the mountains of the Southwest for inspiration.

He has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in illustration from the Ringling Brothers School of Art and Design. During this time gained an appreciation for the works of J.C. Leyendecker, Norman Rockwell, and N.C. Wyeth.

Another artist joined the association after graduating from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Architecture. Nature is her inspiration from a simple sunny day, trees in a valley, the changing sea shore, and landscapes of all kind. She not unsurprisingly loves gardening, natural bright colors, and working with her hands. Her credo is do your best work all the time.

One of the founders of the association, also an artist, has drawn inspiration from his many travels around the world, experiencing different cultures, and exotic varying nature. He has also found inspiration in the historical greats, such as Francis Bacon, and Savador Dali. His has job has given him the liberty to experiment with rich, complex paints, patterns, and textures which he uses liberally to create his artistic masterpieces. He also attended the University of Arizona, among others in his pursuit of artistic excellence.

Lastly, born and educated at the prestigious Academy of Art College in Fan Francisco, CA this accomplished artist was on the Deanís List and was chosen for an internship with Industrial Light and Magic, the famous film studio closely associated with George Lucus.
She moved often as a small child, and spent her time with introspective thoughts. She found art and drawing were both solace and a pastime that fostered making new friends. She has gained inspiration from such diverse elements as her education, the moodiness of old master Rembrandt, the flowing fabrics of Mucha, motion pictures, and listening to music. She surrounds herself with things that elicit strong emotion in her.

ďI find beauty all around me with people, buildings, and landscapes. A lot of times, Iíll see faces or designs in things before I realize what it is Iím looking atÖlike a car or tree.Ē


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