Fidel Garcia

Art expresses the soul of humanity in our common journey across the ages. The art of Fidel Garcia blends figurative realism and abstract expressionism. His paintings call upon the viewer to experience the concurrency of our corporeal and spiritual selves, the coincidence of reality and fantasy, and the simultaneous existence of the physical and metaphysical. Rather then simply asking for acknowledgement of these diametric forces, Garcia’s paintings assist us in finding the harmony and balance between them.

As with so many of the great Masters, Garcia’s unique vision is an expression of his own spiritual journey. Garcia’s father also had a unique artistic talent, which he sacrificed in order to provide for his wife and seven
children. When Garcia’s artistic ability manifested itself at the age of seven, his father supported and encouraged its development resulting in early recognition of Garcia’s talent during his childhood.

When he reached manhood, Garcia met and married Maria Violetta who also supported his calling as an artist. With the pressures of providing for his young family, Garcia faced the same decision his father had faced decades earlier: whether to continue to pursue his artistic career with all of its instability and uncertainty or to abandon that calling in search of a financially stable profession.

Ultimately it was the support of his father, his wife and a brush with death in a bus accident which claimed the life of his closest friend, a fellow painter who was passionate about Garcia continuing his artistic career, that convinced Garcia that he must continue to answer his true calling. "For me, success as an artist means that I am able to live my life with creativity and joy."

Over the last two decades, Garcia’s unique artistic vision has gained recognition through out his native Mexico and in Spain, resulting in numerous exhibitions, awards and museum placements, including the National Museum of Spain, the Puebla Historical Museum and the Amparo Museum in Mexico. The relatively recent introduction of Garcia’s work to the United States is drawing further recognition and attention to his artistic vision.

Museum Placements:

2002 National Museum of Talabera, Talabera de la Reina, Spain
2002 Museum of Natural History, Puebla City, Mexico
2001 Puebla Historical Center Museum, Puebla City, Mexico
2001 Casa del Alfinique Museum, Puebla City, Mexico
1993 Amparo Museum, Puebla City, Mexico
1988 Casa de la Cultura de Puebla Museum, Puebla City, Mexico

Honors and Awards:

1999 58th Annual District Art Competition, Puebla City, Mexico
1997-80 Artistas el Triunfo II, Puebla City, Mexico
1996-80 Artistas el Triunfo, Puebla City, Mexico
1981 First National Guadalupana Painting Competition, Guadalupe, Mexico


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