Gina Nahle'Bauer

The series of glass artwork Gina creates represents for us all an invitation to discover the “universal woman”. The woman of today, yesterday, and tomorrow. She is divine, sensual, passionate, full of life, and love. Each woman has a name, and her character tells you much about her.

Gina's art is inspired by this universal symbolism of woman, and her often unspoken power. Gina has captured the essence of the classic, yet contemporaneous feminine pulchritude, enriching it with a sensual oriental feeling. Her long experimentations with glass, wood, mixed media, acrylic, and jewelry have focused her perspective of art, she believes, from the vantage point of this universal woman.

Gina finds art a kind of mediation, when you start to move inward toward yourself, you can come out with a colored perspective of the experience. It can motivate you to realize the possibilities of your many faces, perhaps some otherwise unknown to you. That experience can be brought out in your work.

Gina has participated in various private and collective exhibitions taking place in Lebanon, UAE, Germany, France, and Switzerland.


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