Hamilton Aguiar

Hamilton Aguiar was born in Brazil 1965. His first interest for fine art started in his youth when he created his first drawings.

In 1987 Hamilton began exploring different painting techniques. Using gold and silver leaf on wood panel and canvas he developed an artistic application that inspired him to combine different textures to create an incredible body of work. The images radiate a dramatic light due to the interaction between the richness of the oils and the mercurial nature of the leafing technique. The illumination reflecting upon the surface allows the viewer to delve into the depth of the imagery.

The composition of the works is inspired by the changing seasons of natural landscapes, emphasizing winter with the monochromatic content. Hamilton has a gift, a gift given by God to "create", and by absorbing his surroundings he creates his vision of uncontrollable beauty.

Already acquired by numerous private collectors and represented by many prestigious galleries across the United States, Canada, and Europe, Hamilton Aguiar’s art is quickly receiving well-deserved national recognition.


The Museum of Latin American Art (MoLAA) Long Beach, California, May 2005. The museum purchased Hamilton Aguiar’s triptych "River of Light" for their permanent collection.


"Fine Art" magazine article titled "Hamilton Aguiar’s Mystical Forests", Spring 2005 Vol. XXXVIIII No. 1

"Silver Lining" hardbound book about the artist. Produced by Sunstorm Arts Publishing 2006.


"Artrageous Children’s Expression Project" New York, N.Y., May 23, 2007. Painting titled "Uno", oil over copper leaf with resin, size 96" x 60", value at $32,000 received a final bid price of $50,000.00. All proceeds benefited the charity.

"Association of Community Employment Programs for the Homeless" (A.C.E.), Southhampton, N.Y., August 11, 2007. Event hosted by Henry Buhl and Jane Fonda. Painting titled "Cinque", oil over copper leaf with resin, size 60" x 96", valued at $32,000 sold at live auction for $100,000. All proceeds benefited the charity.


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