Kalman Radvanyi

Born in Budapest Hungary 1976, Kalman Radvanyi, Jr. is the finest exponent of the ancient art of marquetry in the world today. Single-handedly, he revolutionized the art into one of the finest and intriguing art forms of the 21st century.

In 1987 Radvanyi left Hungary with his family and began a new life in Australia. During a challenging childhood, a young Radvanyi focused on art to express his feelings, inspired by marquetry to re-create structures of grand beauty. Radvanyi was, in a sense, painting with wood. By the age of twelve, Radvanyi had won several awards in leading art shows, which instantly impressed his mentors and peers.

Over the last 20 years, the sheer beauty and precision in a Radvanyi artwork has been recognized worldwide, purchased by celebrities and art investors. Radvanyi has won numerous awards across the world, and the genius of the work is unparalleled. Radvanyi artworks not only flourish, they reach a state of perfection. A Radvanyi artwork takes up to 18 months to complete, incorporating countless pieces of wood and up to 130 types of natural timbers, some over a millennium old.

"As a self-taught artist, I was born into an artistic family of painters and master craftsman. Learning cabinet making under my father and combining skills from jewellery and gemstone design. I was able to take marquetry into a new realm. My work is strictly hand-made, seamlessly utilizing ancient techniques to reach the highest level of marquetry in the world. I see myself as a painter - I ‘paint with wood’. I perceive the finished picture long before I begin; every type of wood, every shade. A painter has to mix paint to accommodate he’s ideas, whereas in marquetry the appropriate timber has to be found, the perfect grain, the perfect knot, the perfect shade, so that everything accommodates a perfect result."


Buckingham Palace, UNITED KINGDOM-London.
Parliament House, HUNGARY-Budapest.
Australian National Gallery, AUSTRALIA-Canberra.
Australian Capital & Sydney hospital, AUSTRALIA


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