Larissa Morais

Born and raised in Moscow, Russia, Larissa Morais has been painting since she was in high school; however, her first love was not the brush but the keys of a piano. The replacement of a teacher changed her vision from music to the world of art. While helping her sister one afternoon with her art homework, something sparked a passion for painting. Without knowing it, she had stumbled upon her destiny.

Larissa received a BFA from the Theatrical Arts Institute, Moscow, Russia, and attended the Graduate School of Restoration and Conservation, where she took courses in conservation and restoration of 15th and 16th century paintings.

It often takes Larissa several weeks -and in some cases, months - to finish a painting, because of the extremely detailed, intricate brushwork involved. It is difficult for her to part with her artwork, which she describes as "bittersweet when parting with a painting; however, itís always validating." Her favorite painting is always the one she has just completed.

Larissaís paintings are the epitome of technical perfection, a beautifully unique combination of photo-realism and fantasy.


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