Mariano Moro

Mariano Moro was born on the island of Burno, one of the many small islands surrounding Venice, Italy on September 27, 1957. Starting early in his career at age-13, Moro, started working at the renown Cristalleria Santi factory on the near by island of Murano, Italy. To improve his skill level and knowledge he moved from factory to factory for an interim period. During this time, Moro was given an opportunity to work with the famous Ermanno Nason for 3-months.

As his personal stock rose, he got another opportunity, this time with a factory named Livio Seguso, now a legend in the history of art glass in Murano and internationally, at 20-years of age. From the start, Moro, had the recognized talent to work beside the factor’s master at the time, Eio Raffaeli. Mariano stayed with the factory to eventually start a new venture.

As a fortuitous event for, Moro, Elio Raffaeli got together with another master Roberto Cammozza in 1982 and, both, with one “Molatore” (cold master) became partners to form the Ars Murano facility for glass making. Moro followed the masters to Ars Murano and under their guidance he matured into a master himself.

Mariano Moro now works exclusively for the Ars Murano factory where he leads his group in creating primarily modern pieces for which the island of Murano is famous internationally.

Mariano Moro has collaborated with a number of famous glass artists: Robert Wilson (U.S.A.), Duncan Mclellen (U.S.A.), Cesar (France), Fujita (Japan), and Vania Galli (Italy)

Moro Mariano still lives on his native Burano, Italy with his wife and (2) sons.


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