Michael Flohr

It is a rare and celebrated occasion when an artist is discovered that has a unique talent, fresh vision and exceptional ability to transcend artistic predisposition. Painter Michael Flohr is just such an artist.

Flohr’s work is a visual adventure. Not only in its exquisite beauty, obvious artistic integrity and the emotion elicited in every work of art, but in the artist’s ability to effect the invention of a genre unique and true in and of itself in today’s contemporary art world. Depicting ordinary moments in extraordinary ways, Flohr’s work is an intellectually artistic mastery of color, perspective, technique and vision. Blazing a trail that is sure to influence the eyes of fine art collectors around the world, Flohr’s work is also sure to impact other emerging artists for years to come.

Michael Flohr is a young California artist, currently living and working in San Diego where he was born and raised. Recognizing his artistic aptitude at a very early age, Flohr’s parents enrolled him in his first art class at the age of five. His family’s perpetual encouragement and conviction in his talents led him to pursue a degree at the San Francisco Academy of Art College. At the academy, Flohr was able to experiment with all types of media and artistic styles. In 1999, Flohr’s propensity for illustration was recognized by his acceptance into New York’s Society of Illustrators, where he joined the ranks of legendary predecessors such as Norman Rockwell, Maxfield Parrish and N.C. Wyeth. He was awarded the Herman Lambert scholarship by the Society in the following year.

Flohr graduated from the Academy of Art in 2000 and was honored with Best of Show for his painting titled, Irish Coffee at the Academy’s spring exhibition that same year. Shortly thereafter, three of Flohr’s paintings were selected for exhibition at the de Young Museum, San Francisco’s oldest public museum located in Golden Gate Park. There, his work hung in the company of other master painters including one of Flohr’s most revered inspirations, Claude Monet. Boasting acceptance into a museum environment so early into his artistic career is a sure indication that this is an emerging artist to be watched.

In a contemporary art world that has craved a fresh, new approach in the creation of effectual works of art, Flohr fills this void with his series of paintings that cover subject matter ranging from nightlife scenes, cityscapes, still lifes and figurative portraiture.

Flohr’s work is largely urban in content, frantic in execution yet solemn in interpretation. His paintings have an eerie ability to capture a fleeting moment, as if from a peripheral vision, resulting in a permanent déjà vu for the outsider looking in. Bordering the surreal, yet strangely familiar, Flohr’s images capture what seem to be the artist’s furious study of a gloriously regular moment in time. A moment it seems in which many can relate.


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