Qi-Qun Pan

Pan comes from humble beginnings. As a child growing up at the base of the yellow mountains, he was surrounded by natureís most beautiful elements. While most children had man made playgrounds to find recreation, Pan immersed himself in lush green mountainsides and the flowing rivers of southwest China. Above his home, beautiful blue skies acted as a canvas for the incredible cloud formations that Pan would grow to love as a child. Little did he know how much of an influence those clouds would have on his future?

After a cultural revolution shut down the education system in China, Pan was forced to enter a labor camp. In this camp, Pan endured long hours of intense work, and no days off. Although these conditions may seem unbearable to most, Pan grew from those adverse conditions, and harnessed a strength and work ethic that he still carries with him everyday. When asked about how he survived such hand times, Pan replied "At the time, that was all I knew. I had to make the best of my situation, and remain strong." Here is and example of young Pan developing a character second to none. While in the labor camp, Pan was singled out for his artistic talents. Acting as a storyteller to the others in the camp, Pan drew watercolor paintings and told stories of hope and human will. Looking back on those times Pan now knows that his role as a teacher and entertainer taught him how to speak to others by using paints and a brush. The world around Pan was headed for change.

After securing the ability to come the United States, Pan quickly integrated himself into the American culture. He studied the English language intensely and attended graduate school. Pan received his masterís degree in Fine Arts, and abstract painting became his life. Having moved away from the realism of his figurative studies, Pan found a greater ability to speak to people through abstract representations of his past. If you look closely and study his pieces, the facets of Asian Feng Shue are quite evident. From the mountains that he grew up beneath, airflows between the paint, the streams he waded in as a child give life to the colors as the meet and enhance each other on the canvas. All the elements of nature known to Pan have always been reflective examples of how one man or one thing can influence and hopefully help another. To an artist of the caliber of Qi-Qun Pan, man and nature are to co-exist that way. Listen to his story, look at his work. Admire a man, who has simple; yet rock solid beliefs on administering hope, beauty and integrity through his artwork.


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