Richard Hall

Painting is an exciting process for classically trained, yet spontaneous, artist Richard Hall.

The controlled image is just the tip of the iceberg. Hall creates an environment for painting that enhances the spirit of the piece. Music is an integral part of this process. A feeling evolves and quite often, the lyrics that audibly color Hallís studio are scripted into the background of his work, a shadow of his mood permanently inscribed onto the canvas.

As a boy growing up in England, Richard was entranced by the artistry of his grandfather. A master craftsman, the elder Hall sculpted handcrafted furniture and instilled in his grandson the understanding of line, composition and the joy of creating something unique.

"The artist gives you his soul in a painting. As in the telling of a story, the artist makes every sentence richer with each successive stroke. The story can unfold in one hundred words, but to completely comprehend it, one must read one thousand pages.


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